Science, art and music. How best to combine these into one unique and stirring emotional adventure? A game, of course. And that’s what we do. Make games about nature but awash with art, music and history.

We are:


THE SCIENTIST – David Ehret, PhD. Tons of experience in plant science research. And tons of passion for building games with the Unity3D game engine.


THE ARTIST/GAMER  – Nathan Ehret. Gifted artist and a fountain of gamer wisdom. Also educated in classical history so watch for Easter eggs about mythological creatures and obscure historical trivia.



THE MUSICIAN – Don Ehret. Music and all that jazz is in his blood. A virtuoso guitar player and composer.



So welcome to the fascinating world of science. Game on.

I’ll bet you noticed that we’re all related. Good observational skills – must be the scientist in you.


assortedsunflecks (at)