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The pulse

drumWell, I guess when it comes to the topic of drumming, I should be blogging about drumming up business, if anything. But I’m not really concerned about that. No, I’d like to talk about drumming up something much more important – a sense of living and a sense of spirit.

Drums are the pulse, the heartbeat of life. The power of rhythm can be experienced by anyone, but most acutely when we’re making the music ourselves. As in a drum circle. I belong to such a circle, and believe me, we get all kinds of people who find a sense of community and sharing through drums. And the sound, when we find that sweet spot, is pretty amazing.

Drumming can also be part of a spiritual journey. Ever see the movie, The Visitor? It’s an amazing story of redemption. A washed-up college professor has basically given up on life but is reborn through his inadvertent discovery of new friends and their life of drumming. The drum ultimately gives him energy and awakens his need to be involved in this world. And so it can for you.

So next time you’re walking by a group of street musicians with drums, stop and have a listen, maybe have a go at it. Give yourself some time to feel the music. You’ll feel what I’m talking about.