Tales of the Tardigrade


Stories of extraordinary animals, plants, and even people

Tales of the Tardigrade gives you a daily dose of insightful entertainment on a wide assortment of natural history themes. From topical science news items like climate change, to fantastical animals such as the miniscule tardigrade, this app celebrates the biological diversity of the world around us. Play with dinosaurs, examine a human heart, roam the desert, and much more. Each animal or plant is brought to you through an interactive narrative—an evolving story that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

You have six nature stories to experience. Interact with the tales in any order you like. Each story is delivered in seven chapters, one chapter per day. Some chapters are short, others are longer. Some are highly interactive; for others, just sit back and enjoy. All are compelling. You can switch to a new story even from the middle of your current one at any time. But this isn’t recommended… you’ll get dizzy.

All factual information has been carefully verified. Music, humour and intriguing ideas add to the mix to make Tales of the Tardigrade a unique platform for biology education.

Beautiful 2D and 3D interactive environments
Engaging storytelling
Amazing scientific facts about animals and plants
Thought-provoking content and settings
Designed for both Android phone and tablet

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